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A devoted follower of Christ is called a disciple 

We are passionate about your faith journey as a disciple and are here to help you unlock your God given potential as a disciple. There are some steps we all take in this journey, so why not begin today?

 • Salvation is found only in the love and mercy of Jesus.

• Water baptism is a public witness to our faith in Jesus.

• Getting into God’s Word, the Bible, is the original soul food. We read, study and obey His Word.

• Connecting with other disciples is like connecting to the national grid. It’s powerful and brings us into community. We have four access points into our community:


GATHERINGS | Celebrate, Declare and Invite

LIFE GROUPS | Form relationships and close community

CLASSES | Inform, equip and empower

SERVING TEAMS | As Jesus served us, so we serve one another.


• Financial generosity is an early step for a disciple. Sometimes we need to build up towards the basic benchmark of 10% (a tithe) – but we are here to help you achieve financial peace as a disciple. When you are ready to take any one of these next steps, contact our Connect Director for more information.