Name change q & a:


Why are we changing the name?

·      To have a more time relevant name to position us for the current time and going into the future.

·      To be identifiable as a part of the Liberty Church family.

·      There are many Churches in close vicinity with the name Calvary and this can cause some confusion at times.

What does the name change mean for our relationship with Liberty Church in South Africa?

We are already a part of the Liberty Church family and this is the logical next step as we align with mission, vision and values.

Does this change DJ & Karen’s role in our leadership?

No. DJ and Karen are already on the Elder Board, and have been providing apostolic input. This will continue.

Are we still going to remain in the AG?

Yes! Pastor Dennis has a great relationship with The Assemblies of God, and Dr. Duane Durst, Superintendent of the New York Ministry Network (AG) has been very encouraging of this decision to change the name.

Are there going to be any doctrinal changes?


Are there going to be any changes to the staff/ leadership/ eldership?

We would definitely look to hire in the near future as we position and move toward growth. Youth ministry is one such example.

Dennis and Wendy will remain lead pastors.

No one is planning to step down in the near future.  As is standard in all eldership teams, people will be asked to step into eldership roles moving forward.

Will there be a formal vote on the name change?

No. We are not actually changing our constitution or bylaws. The legal name will remain Calvary Tabernacle AG, but we will be “doing business as” Liberty Church. So it is in essence a “branding” change, not a legal change to our constitution. Our constitution and by-laws do not require that we take a vote on branding.

When will the name change take effect?

It will take effect on Friday November 9th at the Liberty Conference.

What does this name change mean for the future of the church?

A 21st century identity helps to us to be more relevant to a fast-moving society.

A new name fits. As we have been entering a new season we hope to build and grow from where we are and even plant new churches and new church locations in the future.

What happens to the history of Calvary Tabernacle?

We celebrate all that God has done here. We have no intention to forget or ignore the last 96 years.

How will becoming Liberty Church change our Sunday experiences?

We will continue on the path of improving our Sunday experiences with an emphasis on encounter and the moving of the Holy Spirit.

How will becoming Liberty Church change other things we do as a church?

First of all, with the name change we are no longer in a “state of transition”. We will be Liberty Church, with a new leadership, missions, vision, and values set. Of course, we will continue to refine and improve and seek to grow every area of Church. As growth happens, changes will be inevitable, and this helps us to stay fresh and relevant to the wider community/communities that we minister into. We will no longer use the term “transition”.